What we do
Luxury Custom Home Construction

At Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. we bring our vast experience spanning the entire gamut of real estate services to our clients. It is this experience that permits us to offer an exclusive Pioneer advantage, the full package of residential construction services in-house. From the very infancy of a project, we assist our clients with every selection necessary to complete the project from start through completion. These unique in-house services is what makes Pioneer a totally different company from others.

Our in-house services include all preliminary project analysis from square footage, architectural programing, preliminary cost budgeting, all based on the considerable amount of our completed projects. We have an extensive library of present and actual costs for all components of a new development project, such as: plumbing, lighting, flooring, hardware, carpentry, roofing, and much more. We offer plans processing and permitting services. From the onset of the project, we assist our clients in every selection and purchase necessary to complete the project. What’s more, we introduce our clients to our purchasing sources, allowing them to take advantage of our negotiated materials and supplies, and special discounts. None of the other companies can do all this and especially, not in-house. The Pioneer advantage is our ability to take someone from start to finish of a construction project, to guide people, and remove the fear and confusion. 

Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. is synonymous with experience, the fact that we’ve built over 300,000 square feet of luxury real-estate, as a matter of fact, we have built some of the most prestigious addresses in Dade County. Our portfolio of custom homes ranges from 6,000 square feet to over 19,000 square feet. It is our experience in real estate development and construction financing that permits us to help bring our clients from vision to fruition. At Pioneer, we also assist our clients in their construction financing needs. 

Identifying the best possible site to build a project that would satisfy the client’s vision is paramount to our services. Our initial preparation for construction projects includes: conducting a land development assessment and market analysis. A market analysis is essential to understanding what particular features are essential and will add to the market value of a completed home. We value the longstanding relationships that we have established with all high-end brokerages and brokers in the area in the decades of being at the forefront of the residential construction industry.  Strong relationships with brokers propel Pioneer to the forefront of new trends and latest developments in the luxury home market. Land acquisition is essential part of our in-house construction services, which is a tremendous benefit to our clients.

We have experience in all facets of real estate market, from the time a project gets conceived, through its final delivery. Clients do not have to fragment all of the different components of building a home, saving them time, money and allowing full control of seeing what is happening immediately and constantly, not waiting for the fragmented parties to come together for things to happen. In order to experience the Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. difference, give us an opportunity to, at the very least, provide a very-informed analysis of your project, prior to embarking yourself on a construction project. Even if you wish to later compare us against other companies, we are confident that once you give us an opportunity and sit down with us, we will be your builder. 

  • Full Package of Residential Construction Services
  • Preliminary Project Analysis
  • Square Footage Needs Assessment
  • Preliminary Cost Budgeting
  • Architectural Programming and Design
  • Land Studies
  • Land Acquisition
  • Design-Build
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Plans Processing
  • Permitting Services
  • Exclusive Purchasing Sources
  • Negotiated Materials and Supplies
  • Market Value Assessment 
  • Construction Financing Assistantance
Every client is unique. Some clients choose to hire an architect and a contractor separately. For these clients, Pioneer brings the same experienced team, dedicated to craftsmanship and quality, to deliver a home completed to the client’s satisfaction. Under the General Contracting approach, design and construction services are split by the client between separate entities, with separate contracts and separate work.

Pioneer, when acting as a General Contractor, will coordinate closely with our clients and design consultants to ensure that the proper coordination between all parties is achieved, and thus allowing us to complete a project on budget and within the scheduled timeframe. 

Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. isn’t your typical builder. The Founder and President, Frank Mendez, was trained as an architect and a builder.  This means that an experienced team, led by Frank, conceive and design a project with a unique perspective, seeing it in terms of both idea and execution. We are able to value engineer cost savings into the design because we know precisely how much  your project will cost to bring to fruition, how long the project will take, and how to make certain the construction and detailing are true to the architect's and clients' vision. More than that, we work so closely with our clients to ensure that every detail—every tile, faucet, doorknob and appliance—is chosen and installed with great care and skill and is faithful to the overall design scheme. We achieve excellence because our clients always have our attention and our attention is always to detail. In short, we are with you every step of the way, making sure  your new home lives up to your every expectation.

From the onset, the architect, builder and client are united into a single collaborative team to explore different design solutions that affect the appearance, price and schedule of your custom home project. By incorporating our knowledge of costs into architectural design, we offer our clients the optimal resources to make truly informed decisions, which leads to reduced project costs, while adding value to the end product. Your Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. team works closely with you to develop the vision through a process of preliminary drawings, progressing to detailed design and architectural schematics, all while incorporating value engineering into the design. The in-house open collaboration brings tremendous benefits to our clients, the end result is an optimal creative solution with minimized costs and streamlined schedule. 

Our land acquisition assistance helps our clients to acquire the right property for their construction projects.  Our clients benefit from our team’s knowledge and experience in local real-estate market, and our established extensive network with brokerages. 

We help our clients with:

•appraisals and appraisal review

•land surveys and plats

•preliminary land acquisition studies

•property acquisition and financing

  • land and site evaluation
  • evaluation of governmental compliance   


If you are looking for immediate occupancy, Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. has recently completed and has the following projects for your consideration:

  • 10920 SW 62nd Ave, Miami, FL 33156
  • 9175 SW 63rd Ct, Miami, FL 33156
  • 5745 SW 94th Ave, Miami, FL 33156
  • 9801 SW 63rd Ct, Miami, FL 33156
  • 9600 SW 62nd Ct, Miami, FL 33156
When serving as a construction manager, Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. advises and facilitates the construction of a project, serving as a partner to the project’s owner. Together, we explore options that would provide the best value for the owner.