About Pioneer
The Main Source of Knowledge is Experience
When high net worth individuals are considering building a home, it generally isn't the price that they're afraid of. It's the ordeal they expect to have to go through to have it completed to their satisfaction. Indeed, it is fair to say that the more expensive the home--the more that quality and detailing matter--the greater the likelihood that there will be unexpected costs and delays. For our clients, Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc., has put those fears to rest. We have created many of the most prestigious, most luxurious homes in Dade County, we have spared our clients the anguish that so many new home buyers experience. 

We're with you every step of the way. 

Pioneer isn't your typical builder. You see, our Founder and President, Frank Mendez, is trained as an architect and a builder. At Pioneer, a project is conceived and designed with a unique perspective, seeing it in terms of both idea and execution. They know precisely how much their plans will cost to bring to fruition, how long the project will take, and how to make certain the construction and detailing are true to the architect's and client's vision. More than that, we work so closely with our clients to ensure that every detail--every tile, faucet, doorknob and appliance--is chosen and installed with great care and skill and is faithful to the overall design scheme. 

In short, we are with you every step of the way, making sure your new home lives up to your every expectation. 
At Pioneer, there are no easy answers, no pat formulas. We leave that sort of thing to the mass market developers. Each home we undertake is a one-of-a-kind, fully customized residence, designed to meet the specific desires of its residents. When you work with a limited universe of prospective clients, there is no room for error. Every home we Design-Build must measure up on every count. Because we know that our clients, our homebuyers, serve as our salespeople. Indeed, they are the only 'sales force' we have. They're the best measure of how well we deliver on our promises. We urge anyone interested in the prospect of working with us, to talk to those who have relied on us in the past to create their homes.

Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. is different from other builders because we are a Design-Build company, where every project we undertake is centered on the principle of listening to our clients in order to understand their needs, and on honesty and transparency from start to finish.  We take the time to listen to our clients in order to create a custom home that is true to their vision. Pioneer team works with our clients in open collaboration on every aspect of the build. Every Pioneer home is a statement about who our clients are and about who we are. 

What Makes Us Different
In-House Services
Quality and Value
Budget and Schedule

We bring our vast experience spanning the entire gamut of real estate services to our clients. It is this experience that permits us to offer an exclusive Pioneer advantage, the full package of residential construction services in-house. From the very infancy of a project, we assist our clients with every selection necessary to complete the project from start through completion. 

The following in-house services is what makes Pioneer a totally different company from others:

  • All Preliminary Project Analysis
  • Square Footage Assessment
  • Architectural Programming and Design
  • 3D Renderings
  • Plans Processing
  • Permitting 
  • Land Acquisition
  • Site Analysis
  • Purchasing Assistance
  • Sub-contracts Assistance 
  • Negotiated Materials and Supplies 
  • Construction Financing Assistance  
  • Lending Institution Liaison

Take the time to browse through our extensive portfolio of completed projects over the last two decades. Few can boast the experience that Pioneer Inter-Development, Inc. brings to the table. We have built over 300,000 square feet of luxury real-estate, in some of the most prestigious addresses in Miami-Dade County. Our portfolio of custom homes ranges from 6,000 square feet to over 19,000 square feet.

Our portfolio of over 30 luxury mansions makes Pioneer one of the most experienced Design-Build companies in South Florida. 

As a Design-Build focused construction company, Pioneer excels at delivering superior custom homes in both quality and value. As a builder, Pioneer has expert knowledge in the costs of construction to bring architectural plans to fruition. Without collaboration between a builder, architect and client working in unison from the onset of a project, an end result may very well turn out to be untrue to the client's vision, as well as above budget. At Pioneer, we are a team of architects and builders allowing us to use creativity in the design process to both deliver a home that is remarkable aesthetically, while functional to each client's needs, and to do so on budget and on time. Our Design-Build process has been perfected with over 20 years of experience, over 30 custom homes, 300,000+ square feet of luxury spaces, and we have fulfilled our promises to our clients’ satisfaction. 

We serve clients looking for customization, therefore, we provide the ultimate flexibility to meet every client’s unique needs. 

At Pioneer, we have not lost sight that clients are unique and free to choose which level of contracting is optimal to meet their specific needs. Some of our clients choose to select sub-consultants that they would like to contract directly. To achieve this end, we have found a creative solution to the classic Design-Build Schematic based on our 20 years of industry experience. Under this schematic, our clients identify, in an a-la-carte manner, which aspects of the build the client wants direct contractual responsibility. 

We are with our clients every step-of the way. 

From the very first meeting with Pioneer, our clients are provided with realistic and quality reasoning for our timeline and budget. This analysis is data-driven, based on our extensive information library of past projects and cost controls. We are very proud of our track-record of executing on our promises. 

Our detailed project budget allows our clients to constantly control their project costs.  On a monthly-basis, our clients are provided with an updated report of all expenditures to date, as well as, a projected analysis of costs to complete the build. This permits our clients to monitor and control construction expenditures during the selection process of the entire project's quality and finishes.